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Moving Announcement:

We  have moved!

Nine years ago, we opened in Williamsburg Village. Year ten we will be in our own building! We want to thank you for supporting this small business. We do not take your trust in us for granted and we strive to do our best for you and your pets! We are grateful to be a part of this profession and excited for this next chapter.



6855 S 70TH

Lincoln, NE 68516


Ehlers Animal Care welcomes you and your pet to our clinic. Through the animals that we love, we seek to humbly serve and care for the people in our community.

Dr. Megan Ehlers has been a welcoming and trustworthy source for veterinary care in Lincoln, Nebraska, for over 12 years, continuing to prove her expertise and compassion in the field. Megan has a unique way to foster lasting relationships with pets and pet owners. By learning and experiencing each pet’s individual personality, behavior, and environmental situations, she is better prepared to assess your pet’s overall health.

The diverse and caring staff at Ehlers Animal Care are ready to serve you and your pet six days a week. Please contact us through the website or call the clinic to set-up your appointment.

Megan Ehlers


Founder Veterinarian


Megan Ehlers has practiced veterinary medicine in Lincoln, Nebraska for the past 12 years. A Nebraska native, Megan attended Kansas State University for her doctorate in veterinary science before returning with her husband to Lincoln to build a practice.

Alyse Aerts




Alyse Aerts joined Ehlers Animal Care in December, 2013. A Nebraska native, Alyse attended Iowa State University for her doctorate in veterinary medicine. She practiced in Wisconsin for three years before returning with her family to Nebraska to join Ehlers Animal Care.

Emily Kerl




Emily Kerl is a Lincoln native and worked at Ehlers Animal Care for several years prior to graduating from Iowa State University with her doctorate in veterinary medicine. She rejoined the Ehlers team in June 2018 as a veterinarian.

Full Support Team

Megan Pieper

Practice Manager / Licensed Veterinary Technician

Amanda Hoffmeyer

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Clare Sidner

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Rachel Rosas

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Whitney Scherer

Veterinary Assistant

Tom Druse

Veterinary Assistant

Kaleigh Ertl

Veterinary Assistant

Mandy Moller

Veterinary Assistant

Faith Wolfe

Veterinary Assistant

Lizzie Ehlers

Veterinary Assistant

Miya Higgins

Veterinary Assistant

Kelley Dowding


Ann Kozak


Deb DeLange


Steph Rogge


Becky Senkbeil


Lori Geist


Courtney Bender


Madi Greisen


Stella Diener


Kim Eisenbraun


Chelsea Mueller




Animals age quicker than we do. A yearly exam for pets is the equivalent of a person going to the doctor every several years. Making sure your pets receive comprehensive physical exams on an annual basis is imperative. Our thorough exam process checks to ensure that your pet’s body system is aging appropriately, because subtle changes often have major implications for your pet’s health.


Not all pets have the same vaccination needs. In fact, some pets are more “at risk” for certain diseases. Vaccination protocols are constantly changing, and need to reflect your pet’s particular risks and environment. The staff at Ehlers Animal Care will gladly spend time discussing with you the appropriate protocol for your pet.


Ehlers Animal Care has extensive diagnostic capabilities through its highly-trained staff, in-hospital laboratory, and diagnostic equipment and resources. Dr. Ehlers has established a network of board-certified specialists with whom she regularly consults in areas such as radiology, cardiology, orthopedics and internal medicine. In rare cases, Dr. Ehlers refers pet owners for consultations with specialists in the area.

Cancer Consultation & Chemotherapy

Following any cancer diagnosis, our team will empathetically guide you through the decision-making process to help you explore the right way to proceed based upon your family’s and pet’s situations. Dr. Ehlers received extensive education related to oncology and is one of the only local veterinarians who treats cancer patients. Due to the ability of animals to react positively to treatments such as chemotherapy, pets treated at Ehlers Animal Care are often able to respond without negative side effects and have an extended quality life.


Rehabilitation is a rapidly growing specialty in veterinary medicine. Owners see the benefits of rehabilitation in aging, arthritic, injured and post-operative pets. Over the past five years, Dr. Ehlers has been involved in advanced education and learning in this quickly changing field. Animals in her care have made drastic improvement in recovery and mobility.

Behavior Counseling

By paying attention to the changes in your pet’s behavior and observing your interactions, our team is able to assess the reasons for behavioral change. First ruling out medical issues and then examining environmental conditions can solve most behavioral problems.

A seasoned surgeon, Dr. Ehlers regularly performs procedures for orthopedic, soft tissue, and heart conditions. Other veterinarians in the area regularly refer difficult surgeries to her due to her success managing complex cases.

Orthopedic Surgery

Over the past twelve years, Dr. Ehlers has specialized in orthopedic procedures, including repairs of luxating patellas, cranial cruciate ligament ruptures, fractures and amputations. When necessary, she consults with or utilizes a board-certified orthopedic surgeon for the most difficult procedures.

Advanced Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Ehlers regularly performs a variety of soft tissue surgeries for her patients and also on a referral basis. Our team has experience with gastrointestinal and urogenital procedures, as well as resections and tumor excisions.


Ehlers Animal Care works with the Veterinary Heart Institute to assess electrocardiograms and radiographs performed on-site. Through these consultations, we are able to determine suitability for pets to undergo anesthesia, as well as proper means of treatments for heart conditions.


Our professional grooming expert is dedicated to providing the style you desire for your pet. Our approach incorporates factors of each pet’s at-home maintenance, lifestyle activities, breed and hair type.

Personal Approach

We aim to develop a personal relationship with each pet and pet owner, creating an atmosphere that is relaxed and comfortable. Our groomer spends time understanding your preferences and welcomes suggestions you may have for your pet. In the end, your pet will have an experienced and professional treatment that you can trust.

The Experience

We strive to keep the grooming experience fun and stress-free. Ensuring the welfare of each pet is always our top priority. Whether you pet is big or small, we have the know-how to help.

Located in Williamsburg Village, near 34th and Old Cheney.


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